We believe that everyone deserves to feel financially well,

so we won’t let your money hold you back. Stackin uncomplicates your relationship with money so you can start your journey to financial freedom.

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Who we are

Think of us as therapy for your wallet.

Stackin is built on research from behavioral psychologists and finance professionals who understand that it takes more than a fancy spreadsheet to build a healthy relationship with your money.

We combine your financial situation with behavioral insights to build personalized coaching programs and tools that improve your mindset and money habits.

Why we care

We believe that anyone can live the life they want—no matter how much they earn.


But so many of us feel stressed, unhappy, and anxious when it comes to money. To break the cycle of struggle, we need to understand the "why" behind our relationship with money; only from there can we work to improve it

After trying nearly every budgeting and money management program and finding none that tackled this fundamental mindset about money, we realized that a totally new approach was needed.

Your relationship with money is like any other— it takes work and support. It’s easy to fall for the promise of a quick fix - the simple budget spreadsheet or spending analysis app. But if your underlying relationship with money is broken, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to truly improve your financial well-being.

If you, like us, have struggled to make a budget stick or are always confused by where the money you've earn has gone, it’s important to recognize that it isn’t you; it’s your underlying relationship. And we’re here to help you fix it.


I want a better relationship with money