We’re changing how you use your money

Stackin uses psychology and personalization to coach you to change your money behaviors so that you can achieve your goals.

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We know money can be stressful, and progress can feel hard. Here’s how we’re making changing your financial behaviors easier:arrow

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Understand your relationship with money, at your own pace

Personalized lessons help you uncover and understand the beliefs that shape your money behaviors. Manage how much time you want to spend, so Stackin fits into your life.

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Built for you

Change your money behaviors in a structured, achievable way with a program designed for you and supported by Stackin and your money coach. With on-on-one coaching, and unlimited messaging, choose the kind of support you want.

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Focused on your growth

Track your money behaviors and spending in a way that builds your confidence, instead of tearing you down. Our tracking tools put you in control of your money, no matter where you are in your journey.

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Achieve your goals

We’re here to help you. Together we’ll set and manage your goals, and can adjust them anytime you need to.

Why we’re confident

Our approach to building sustainable financial behaviors is built on leading scientific, psychological and therapeutic research. We’ve also spent hundreds of hours working with users just like you to understand what you need, and what you want, from your relationship with money. We’re not here to tell you how to spend your money, or that you need a budget; our goal is on putting you back in control, and setting you up for success.

Money plays a significant role in our happiness and living the life we want. Taking control of our money by changing our behaviors is the key to a happier life.