Change your money relationship

Stackin's money belief assessment will help you discover your core beliefs and behaviors and start you on your journey to change.

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How Stackin can help you

Get clarity

What if you already have exactly what you need to be happy and reach your goals? We make it easy to get clear on your money and make it work for you, so you can spend confidently.


Feel good

It’s time to overcome the fear and lean into feeling good about money. Learn how your money impacts your emotions, so you can prioritize making decisions that bring happiness.


Be confident

Your current relationship with money might be holding you back. Stackin helps you develop healthier habits, so you can improve your decision-making and go after what you really want.

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How it works

Understand your relationship with money

Take a Money Belief quiz to understand your core beliefs around money.

Get a personalized plan

You’ll get a program designed to help you change your spending habits, for good.

Go at your own pace

Manage how much time you want to spend so Stackin fits into your life.

Focus on your growth

Track your money behaviors and spending in ways that build your confidence.

Achieve your goals

Together we’ll set and manage your goals and adjust them anytime you need to.


How we do it

Our approach is grounded in behavioral science. Budgets, like diets, don't work for everyone. Instead, we focus on helping you do the emotional work of finding what you truly value. Then, we provide insights to help you understand the connection between your emotions and your money, so you can reach your goals.

My spending this week has been chaotic.
No worries. Let’s talk about it.

The Stackin app empowers you to take control of your finances with custom coaching and expert support, providing a guide to help you grow and improve your relationship with money — so you can live your happiest, most-fulfilled life.